white women when you derail a conversation about uplifting, supporting, protecting, loving black girls, and black women with “All girls, all women” you are the equivalent of when men derail your conversations to say “not all men”.

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A mix for summer nights, skinny love, and bittersweet departure.

I.     Beyond the Sea // Bobby Darin
II.    Can’t Help Falling In Love // Elvis Presley
III.   Time // Hans Zimmer
IV.   Hallelujah // Jeff Buckley
V.    Skinny Love // Bon Iver
VI.   Yellow // Coldplay
VII.  Delicate // Damien Rice
VIII. Outro // M83
IX.   Everlasting Light // The Black Keys
X.    The Call // Regina Spektor
XI.   Exitlude // The Killers
XII. Stay With Me // Sam Smith
XIII. It’s Been A Long, Long Time // Harry James and His Orchestra

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suchen’s dumb high five

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